East & West International Group

P.O.Box : 52444
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
: +971 2 813 0000
: +971 2 445 5661
: leasing@ewp.ae
: www.eastandwest.ae

East and West International Group

The value of your property and your quality of life are affected by how well your property is developed.

Founded in 1993 East & West International Group (EWIG) is a leading integrated Real Estate Group in the UAE. Initially the company forged its quality development reputation in constructing villas before demand quickly arises.

EWIG constantly challenge’s tradition to better integrate versatile market conditions with the general scheme of the industry. It provides realistic and up-to-date information on market standing to both its clients and partners. Innovative and comprehensive methods are applied to the full spectrum of the business, from property evaluation and clients need assessment, up to property post hand-over activities.

EWIG recognizes that not all the client’s needs are the same and that they are all unique. Distinguishing and understanding each requirement is one of EWIG distinctive expertise-personalizing customer service to fit each need, viewing business in an emotional and psychological perspective as well as from a technical perspective.

It's hard to live in the UAE without a real appreciation for our great and fragile environment. At EWIG, we believe that caring for it, both locally and globally is the ultimate life style choice. To this end, we have been engaged in a process to align our work with the principles of a sustainable, green future.


Architectural excellence, innovative styling and quality construction is the promise from EWIG.

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