Tawasul Transport

P.O.Box : 111060
next to Mercedes show room
Musaffah industrial area
M3, Abu Dhabi, UAE
: info@tawasul.ae
: www.tawasul.ae

Tawasul transport is an Abu Dhabi community taxi and public transport company. Our main aim is to offer reliable, comfortable, clean and safe travel to our customers.

Our drivers are trained and rewarded not only for their services, but also for upholding the moral values and conducts cherished by the Abu Dhabi community.

Our taxis and drivers are inspected on daily basis to reflect the quality image of the company.

Tawasul Transport provides a complete passenger transport service which includes conventional taxis, Business Class (Premium) taxis, high occupancy (Family) taxis, and wheelchair accessible taxis.

Our branches are spread in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region; our services could provide transport to various parts of the UAE.

Furthermore, we have expanded our services to offer taxi daily hire and female drivers to ladies and children.


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