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United Design International

P.O.Box : 53162
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
: +971 2 5550002
: +971 2 5550003
: info@udi.ae
: www.udi.ae

United Design International (UDI) is an interior design & build company that specializes in providing turnkey interior design solutions. Created in 2002, UDI has extensive skills and experience in designing stunning , opulent Palaces and offices for the rulers of Abu Dhabi , and is one of the most prestigious and respected firms in the Capital.

United design international  (UDI) is a well established interior design & build company head quartered in Abu Dhabi , offering superior quality ,  luxury, value- engineered interiors. With a proven track record of professionalism and superior quality control, UDI is setting new bench marks in the creation of distinctive, high quality interiors.

UDI specializes in creating:

Simplistic yet opulent homes and Palaces.
Luxury VIP and Executive office interiors.
Luxurious and sophisticated, leisure and recreational retreats.

UDI’s design studio houses a large team of multi disciplined interior designers with diverse experience and specialist skills in interior concept, spatial design, furniture & graphics.

As a result UDI designers are able to provide creative and exciting concepts in response to client requirements and associated budgets. Our approach is practical and incorporates the latest technology and global trends.

Our Company focus is on turnkey design solutions. As such UDI provides clients with the highest level of quality control and oversees projects from start to finish ensuring that design implementation is carefully delivered to the correct specifications and in the right time- frame.

Continuing to strive to improve upon the quality of their work, UDI’s aim is to exceed client expectations and to deliver real design solutions that are of an unparalleled quality.
Using modern principles of decoration as a starting point, UDI creates results that are distinguished and personalized.

UDI’s design philosophy is based on the provision of quality designed and built luxury environments .At UDI we believe that true luxury involves;
Superior attention to detail  

Beautiful compositions of space and light,
Sumptuous materials,
Space planning that maximizes the potential of a room , and professionalism that is beyond comparison.

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