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Worldwide K9 Academy: where dogs learn how to serve! Get a stable, confident, and productive working Dog!

We are at the forefront of dog training methodology using innovative techniques to develop stable, confident and productive working dogs. 

We retain a variety of trained dogs for immediate placement, and we source and train K9s for your specific requirements. 

We also have bomb detection and drug detection K9 teams ready to serve your security needs whether for schools, dignitaries, businesses or events both foreign and domestic.

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Worldwide K9 Academy

The detection capabilities of a K9 are endless; if it has a scent, a K9 can detect it. In addition, K9 teams are trained to conduct personal protection services, cargo screening, and guard/handler training. Worldwide K9 UAE can provide a diverse range of working K9’s for security services outsourcing to government entities, private establishments, and for events.

Worldwide K9 Academy UAE is a canine service provider affiliated with Worldwide K9 USA based in Abu Dhabi. Its area of specialization is in advanced mobilization and detection of explosives and narcotics, on patrol and in multi-purpose K9 teams for government, law enforcement, and private entities in the UAE. All academy dogs are purposely bred, carefully selected, and imported from the top working dog lines in the world. All dogs are microchipped and have been evaluated radiographically. The dogs’ condition is maintained at its best via regular check-ups, vaccinations and deworming and health records are kept for each dog by a veterinarian.

Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

+971 2 207 2221