Senior Management

Leading from the front.
With a vision for the future.

The Senior Management Team at Das Holding comprises experienced professionals with expertise across industries and proven skill sets. Members of our leadership team possess exceptional depth of talent, practical experience, innovative perspectives, extensive industry knowledge and provide efficient and expert performance.

Together, they lead Das Holding as we take strong steps to deliver on our vision for the future.

Our Companies

Select Market LLC
Yas HealthCare LLC
Tawasul Auto Service
Dusit Thani LLC
Southern Sun
Southern Sun
Citiscape LLC
Grove LLC
United Design International LLC

DAS Holding is an Abu Dhabi-based international investment holding company. As one of the largest and most dynamic investment holding companies in the UAE, DAS Holding is recognized as an innovative business incubator and has earned an unsurpassed reputation courtesy of its uncompromising quality and innate professionalism.