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Transport forms a vital part of everyday life. Das Holding has been at the forefront of the road transport business in the region to support its rapidly expanding growth and the demand for safe, secure and reliable transportation. Das Holding has two subsidiaries that specialize in public and private passenger road transportation.

With a vision to support infrastructure growth with adequate transportation services, this subsidiary company focused on transport to ensure seamless passenger movement, thereby enhancing not only trade but also tourism across the UAE. With reliable and safe transport being a key factor influencing people's ability to commute easily, we are proud to not only deliver world class ground transport services but also support the economic growth of the UAE by being an enabler in the area of delivering ground mobility.

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Tawasul Transport LLC (Taxi)

Delivering the finest in urban mobility solutions, Tawasul brings together world-class taxi services with a range of passenger friendly services that have made us popular with not only the local population but also tourists.

Tawasul Transport Company uses 1350 taxicabs operating in the City of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain City, Bani Yas City and the Western Region. Quality, safety and top-notch maintenance is the hallmark of a Tawasul vehicle, and they are also tracked at all times using satellite technology.

1323 drivers, both male and female, drive Tawasul vehicles, and there are 3 categories that operate, the first one being a regular public taxi, the second a Family Taxi which carries families, always driven by a lady driver and the third a Special Needs vehicle for those who require specialized assistance.

Tawasul is guided by the corporate value systems of Das Holding, incorporating time-honored tenets of integrity, honesty and continuous improvement.


111060 next to Mercedes show room Musaffah industrial area M3, Abu Dhabi, UAE


+971 2 673 4444


Tawasul Auto Service / Motopro

Bringing the best of technology, knowledge, experience and automotive engineering expertise, Tawsul Auto Service boasts of a large clientele across the region. From diagnosis to complete repairs, we deliver not only the finest in automotive service but also added confidence to our clients.

Tawasul Auto Service is a subsidiary of Das Holding Group of Companies providing trusted and affordable car maintenance & repair in Abu Dhabi.

From maintenance to repairs of all brands of cars and SUVs, Tawasul Auto Service has carved a niche for itself for its thorough expertise and professionalism, building great customer confidence and trust in the brand. With highly qualified technicians and mechanics with years of experience and thorough training, Tawsul Auto Service ensures that every customer's car is treated with the utmost care and precision to ensure it remains in top condition. Safety takes priority here. From efficient fault diagnosis to quick repairs and replacements of parts, Tawasul Auto Service not only delivers fast, cost-effective and professional services but also peace of mind when it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance.


111060 next to Mercedes show room Musaffah industrial area M3, Abu Dhabi, UAE


+971 2 551 4444


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Tawasul Auto Service
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