About Us

Growing from strength to strength.
We are Das Holding.

DAS Holding is an Abu Dhabi-based international investment holding company. As one of the largest and most dynamic investment holding companies in the UAE, DAS Holding is recognized as an innovative business incubator and has earned an unsurpassed reputation courtesy its uncompromising quality and innate professionalism.

The Group’s business policy is based on a tactical and proven combination of investment planning, opportunity assessment, project initiation, execution and management, introduction of innovative management techniques and the creation of successful partnerships with multinational corporations.
DAS Holding serves as a conglomerate of subsidiaries, spanning diverse industries with equally wide-ranging products and services, each supported by a global network of partners and associates. Our subsidiaries are all recognized as pioneers within their respective industries, ensuring that DAS Holding now represents the ideal business partner for multinational corporations, governments and entrepreneurs who seek to develop and nurture a new company.
The region’s iconic landmark: Das Island
Das is also home to an abundance of UAE history: Abu Dhabi’s very first oil shipment, back in July 1962, was exported from Das, and the island was additionally the site of the first ADGAS LNG plant in the Middle East.
The coastline of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is made up of a myriad of islands, the most famous of which is Das. Situated approximately 160 km northwest of the city of Abu Dhabi. This strategically positioned island has been developed as a storage centre and an export operation base for the crude oil and gas which is extracted from Abu Dhabi’s offshore fields.
Das is one of the most important industrial and petroleum centers in the region. This status is partly attributed to the sophisticated plants based on the island, all of which employ advanced technological methods. These cutting-edge facilities are further supported by the modern services and amenities which are enjoyed by everybody who lives and works on the island.