CEO's Message


Create opportunities.
Create value.

See what makes Das Holdings different. Here are thoughts from the Group CEO, Mr. Khalid Deemas Al Suwaidi on our groups overall approach, vision, policy and strategy in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.

Khalid Deemas Al Suwaidi,

Chief Executive Officer, DAS Holding

“Since its inception, DAS Holding has adopted a policy of providing expert services and unparalleled facilities to all its clients – whether inside or outside the UAE. This policy has ensured a strong corporate presence for the company in the booming UAE market. This position has been further enhanced by the expansion of the Group’s businesses – DAS Holding now includes numerous strategic subsidiaries which span a range of active UAE industries.

As part of the Group’s commitment to excellence, DAS Holding constantly strives to create new opportunities, developing partnerships with leading companies. These highly-valued affiliations have helped the Group to develop projects and businesses spanning such diverse industries as Business Management Consulting, Information Technology, Oil & Gas Services, Transportation, Recruitment, Cleaning, Security, Facility Management, Property Management, Governmental Transactions, Construction & Maintenance, Waste Management, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Marketing, Advertising & Media, Diverse Investments, Financial Services and Health Services.

This vast network of local and international business relationships allows us to focus on a single-minded endeavor – to develop the UAE economy and enhance its global presence by ensuring robust growth and constant advancement. This strategy puts us in a position where we can provide global businesses looking for investment opportunities in the region with the facilities to reach and tap local markets, towards the mutual benefit of all involved.”