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With the flourishing real estate landscape in the UAE – both residential and commercial, the need to create outdoor spaces that reflect the magnificence of the architecture is an extremely important step in urban design. Das Holding is a key player in the real estate development and maintenance market in the region. With the increasing need for world class landscaping services in the region, we set up two new subsidiaries that bring the most modern gardening and landscaping techniques to UAE, to help create green spaces that reflect the true tastes, culture and identity of an individual, company or real estate space by combining the best of technology and landscaping art.

From palaces to private villas, iconic hotels and the biggest real estate developments, Das Holding delivers unmatched quality and design in landscaping services through our companies – Citiscape and Grove – both unique and exceptionally brilliant.

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Citiscape LLC

Citiscape is one of the largest landscaping companies in the region that large properties simply trust. From designing stunning outdoor spaces to managing and maintaining them on an ongoing basis, Citiscape consists one of the largest teams of landscaping experts.
Citiscape is an integrated landscape solutions provider providing a wide range of services including design, planning, budgeting, research, execution and maintenance of attractive, creative and sustainable green environments. With over 2,500 full-time skilled and semi-skilled employees, including professional landscape designers, project managers, project engineers and support staff, Citiscape’s multi-racial, experienced workforce of highly trained and regionally experienced individuals with appropriate skills are well equipped to undertake the various diversified projects across large developments and private properties. Citiscape’s knowledge and experience of natural and built landscapes as a living and essential part of our modern existence can be encapsulated in three words: Respect, Responsibility and Stewardship. Address
48303 Abu Dhabi UAE
+971 2 633 8228